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About us

Our company with prepared professionals intends to be a new definite player on the market of accounting services.

We would like to unite the professionalism with the solution oriented, modern business approach and client focus.

The managers have 20 years’ experience on the field of accounting and taxation, 10 years in tax authority control, 25 years in payroll, Big4 financial advisory and 10 years in legal practice.

Their professional experience and ability to solve problems guarantee to clients the most optimal, riskless, smooth, supportive and long-term cooperation.

Our colleagues are not only businessmen by word, they are the practitioners of the client-focused service and the professional approach that knows no compromise.

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When should
you choose us?

A definite idea

If you are a starter with definite ideas or already have a micro-, small- or medium sized business enterprise.

Added value

If the added value in accounting is important to you, the only interest is not only how much VAT or payroll taxes needs to be paid, but further information is required about your business for decisions.


If the quality of work, deadline-keeping, and responsibility is also important for you.


If you need a prepared, proactive accountant, who is also available.

Typical managerial mistakes by choosing accountants
(based on market research):

  • Sympathy only-based choice – classical 50-50 situation, it can work, or it cannot work. Other objectives cannot be missed from consideration.
  • Price only-based choice – “If you buy cheaply you pay dearly”, other objectives cannot be also missed from consideration. If the fee is low, most probably the service is also weak, employee is not well-paid, etc. which may be a source of further inconveniences. The question is whether it is enough.
  • Choosing an accounting firm that does not have a registered chartered accountant as full-time employee. There are networks of subcontractors, service providers, and salespeople behind the service – where is the responsible work, and it is also a question even they are entitled to provide such professional service.
  • The accountant did not „grow up” to the client, or the client grew up fast and outgrew the accountant. The reasons can be insufficient professional and practical issues, the improper selection process, the weak foreign-language communication and the accountants “overloaded self-marketing”.
  • Choosing accountant in sole proprietorship, the “one-man show”, who has no replacement or backup if something happens.
  • Choosing the “omniscient neighbour”, who solves all problems – ultimate risk-taking solution, however, it is close and available.
  • Choosing the good friend, who did not work well – there is no friendship in business, a small tax authority problem and the good relationship will end, which could also have effects on private life.

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