About us

Our company with prepared professionals intends to be a new definite player on the market of accounting services.

We would like to unite the professionalism with the solution oriented, modern business approach and client focus.

The managers have 20 years’ experience on the field of accounting and taxation, 10 years in tax authority control, 25 years in payroll, Big4 financial advisory and 10 years in legal practice.

Their professional experience and ability to solve problems guarantee to clients the most optimal, riskless, smooth, supportive and long-term cooperation.

Our colleagues are not only businessmen by word, they are the practitioners of the client-focused service and the professional approach that knows no compromise. The essence of their youthful view is that between the classical services they are committed to modern solutions, compared to client requirements and opportunities. They can stand post in simple family-type, but also in multinational client environment.

We provide our services both in Hungarian and in English.

Our company has professional liability insurance.

Our team

Varga Ernő

Dr. Ernő Varga

founding partner,
chartered accountant, tax advisor

dr. Varga István

Dr. István Varga


dr Megyeri Ákos

Dr. Ákos Megyeri

general manager,
sales-relationship management

Hézső Gergely

Gergely Hézső

partner in co-operation
financial advisory services

Csaba Kása

co-founder, tax advisor

Ágnes Habony

partner in co-operation
payroll services