Legal services

(provided by our legal partner)

Company formation,
changes, corporate law

  • Company formation, transformation and dissolution
  • Amendments of articles of association
  • Preparation of any legal documents necessary for company establishment (deed of foundation, syndicate contract, etc.)
  • Representation at court in case of company registration issues
  • Transfer of share quotas and shares, preparation of share / quota sales agreements
  • Increase / decrease of share capital
  • Voluntary dissolution processes

Debt collection services

  • Warning letter
  • Coordination process
  • Liquidation process against debtor
  • Debt collection (enforcement)
  • Payment order processes

Contracts as per civil law

  • Loan agreements
  • Deposit, transportation, freight and commissionaire agreements
  • Service, undertaking, subcontractor, general implementer, repair, planning and architecture, distribution agreements
  • Pledge, assignment, sales of goods, franchise, cooperation agreements
  • Any further not listed agreement