Regular payroll services

Monthly payroll service:

  • This service includes the monthly regular payroll computation, as per the deadlines agreed.
  • Joiner administration: reporting to NAV, administration of brought payroll information, checking existing documents
  • Leaver administration: preparation of necessary certificates, reporting to NAV
  • Administration of holidays, holiday reconciliation
  • Preparation of transfer files, payslip envelopes if needed, postage
  • Cost center reports, data for accounting
  • Reconciliation of taxes, information on payment obligations
  • Management reports as per requirements
  • Monthly payroll tax declarations and self-revisions
  • Payroll statistical reports to KSH
  • Cafeteria administration, simplified employment administration, EKHO payroll
  • Payroll of service relationship, administration of real estate rental incomes
  • Company representation at authorities.

Annual payroll service:

  • Holidays carry-forward from previous years
  • Employee income tax declarations, annual certificates
  • Preparation of the employees PIT declarations (if required)
  • Preparation of private people’s PIT declaration (if required)

Social security administration:

  • Administration of sick leave
  • Administration of baby care fee (CSED)
  • Administration of childcare allowance (GYÁP)
  • Administration of childcare fee (GYED)
  • Social security administration, preparation of statistics
  • Filing of quarterly reports
  • Social security cash register documentation
  • Company representation at authority controls
  • Information about changes in legislation

HR administration:

  • Administration of personal data
  • Preparation and amendment of labour contracts
  • Administration of attendance sheets
  • Documentation of medical examinations
  • Collecting document on-site based on agreement
  • Administration of joiner and leaver employees
  • Information for employees

Payroll process review

  • This service includes the review of the compliance and effectiveness of your payroll processes.
  • Review of the payroll system’s parametering
  • Itemised or sample-based testing of the computation, trial balance, tax declaration, self-revisions and payments
  • Payroll / bookkeeping / tax account statement reconciliations
  • Review of the possible benefits used
  • Review of the leaver’s records
  • Review of the filing of all joiner/leaver reports
  • Review of the deductions from salaries
  • Review of the social security supports
  • Recommendation for an HR system introduction