Classical accounting service

We fulfil the obligations defined in the Act on Accounting and related legislation, considering the agreed timing, based on the documents provided. We file the necessary tax declarations, statistical and national bank reports, we inform you in advance about the payment obligations. We prepare your simplified / normal annual financial statement, we take part in its audit, we act during the publication of it.

We provide bookkeeping service in HUF, but also in any booking currency different from HUF. It is also part of our service that we provide accounting information about the company’s financial position, in an agreed form and substance we send management reports. The service also includes related consultation, the answers to simple questions which can be answered within a reasonable timeframe. We also perform the services at client’s site.

Digital accounting

Having all your documents archived electronically, why would you send all these to your bookkeeper on paper? Thanks to our integrated system, your digital documents that is provided to us in an agreed format can be smoothly and easily recorded, using automatisms. The cooperation would be paperless in this case, which can be a cost saving solution as well. In this service the client is responsible for storage and archivation of the documents.

The rest of the service is like the classical bookkeeping service.

Digitalized accounting

If you do not yet store all your documents digitally, we will digitalize the paper-based documents for you. Following this, we will follow the process of the digital accounting. The storage and archivation of the original documents can be either solved on the client’s or service provider’s side, as agreed.

The rest of the service is like the digital and the classical bookkeeping service.

Accounting and tax compliance support

If you do have a finance team, but there is no manager for them, we can act as a supportive chief accountant. Either at client’s site or in our office, together with the team we organize and control the accounting and tax issues, we make our comments and advice to make the operation more effective. We prepare and file the necessary tax declarations, we take part, manage and support the periodical closings, year-end closing activities, the preparation of the financial statement, its statutory audit and we also act at the tax authority.

Review of accounting

If you have internal bookkeeping or there are problems with the current bookkeeper, we can give you a hand in reviewing the processes, identifying the problems and offering solutions, in cooperation and support with your current bookkeeping.